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The posts below explain why we need to get five new faces elected to the West Chester School Board in 2023.

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Enrollment Trends & Budget

Did you know that WCASD enrollment has remained steady over the last five years? Did you know that the WCASD budget has increased by $100 MILLION DOLLARS over the last decade? Did you know that over 800 children (charter school + homeschool) are counted in the WCASD student population even though those children never step foot in our schools? Why is the budget grossly disproportionate to enrollment?


Salaries & Budget

Administrator salaries have increased by 22% even though student enrollment has remained stagnant. The district budget is increasing by tens of millions while teacher salaries are increasing by $1000. Did you know that the starting salary for our teachers is amongst the lowest in the county? Why is our district prioritizing administrator salaries over teacher salaries? No wonder WCASD teachers gave the district an F on a recent survey

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Censorship & Spying

Our previous superintendent hand-picked school board members. (Which is why this election is SO important! The voters should choose the board, not the superintendent!) He also spied on parents via social media. He also lied to the school board about the time he violated the 1st Amendment by censoring free speech at a board meeting. Within days of this post, the superintendent unexpectedly resigned. Are these coincidences or is this a pattern of mismanagement?


Academic Decline & Violence

It's no surprise that test scores have tanked due to Covid. But did you know that standardized test scores were on the decline back in 2018? Did you know that our district abolished class rank and eliminated Basic Level classes? Is it any wonder that 90% of 8th graders struggle with basic math while only 1 out of 4 WCASD freshman are proficient in math. Taxes are increasing, yet the PA Auditor General cited WCASD for unnecessarily raising taxes while holding on to millions in reserves. Worst of all, violence is on the rise, and kids are getting hurtThe current board is ignoring the problems and is mismanaging our district. It's time to elect new candidates to the board. 

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