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Fighting at Fugett: what you may have missed at last week's board meeting.

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

What is happening at Fugett is unacceptable. We MUST to elect a new school board in November.

During public comment at the end of the meeting, nine parents from Fugett Middle School spoke passionately about pervasive bullying of students and the administration's lack of response. Mothers and fathers shared that their children are afraid to go to school, afraid to use the bathroom, and several parents referenced an incident where a child needed to be hospitalized with a concussion and broken jaw after being jumped by another student and in the presence of two teachers.

Parents implored the board to take action immediately. At times the board members averted eye contact with public commenters and the board solicitor advised the board to refrain from responding to public comments. Multiple parents stated that the board is not doing their job as elected officials to allow the problems at Fugett to continue.

Some of the statements from parents included phrases, such as:

  • 80 parents signed a petition to force change, but the principal, Dr. Fears sided against parents

  • Children of parents who signed the petition are being bullied by school admin

  • Teachers don’t have support from admin

  • Fights, bullying

  • Children are getting jumped, hospitalized

  • Families afraid to come forward because of retaliation

  • Teachers fear retaliation also


  • Adults need to protect children, teachers need to protect children

  • A Child was threatened via text, parents brought this info to the school admin, school did not intervene, child was beat up the next day at school

  • Bullying, harassment, fighting at Fugett and when I talk to the school I am told “that’s how it is”

  • Bring the retaliation to ME not to my child

  • When I bring my concerns to the school, I feel I'm being pacified, told what I want to hear, they are hoping I’ll be quiet after this summer

Please watch the video to hear what parents are saying and to draw your own conclusions.


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