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Enrollment Trends

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Enrollment* in the WCASD is seems to be holding steady over the last five years:

2022-23: 12,160 students enrolled

2021-22: 12,172 students enrolled

2020-21: 12,070 students enrolled

2019-20: 12,110 students enrolled

2018-19: 12,010 students enrolled

2017-18: 11,955 students enrolled

*Data obtained from school board agenda packets and are based on August enrollment numbers. A comprehensive look at enrollment (past, present, and projected) can be found here starting on page 31.

However, there is an alarming trend in public education of declining enrollment. Consider this Axios article about public school enrollment in Chester County being down 4%.

And consider this graphic that shows that while enrollment nationwide is steady, the growth of administrative staff and principals far outpaces the enrollment. Do expenditures in the WCASD mirror what is reflected in this graphic? Stop by tomorrow to learn more about how the district budget is keeping pace with enrollment.

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1 Comment

Nov 17, 2022

Homeschoolers should be subtracted from this number as we are technically enrolled with the district, correct?

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