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WCASD Millage Doubles Over 20 Years

The millage rate in WCASD* has doubled over a 20 year period. (Yesterday we defined millage and looked at a tax bill to learn how to calculate millage.) See this document for a historical look at millage rates in WCASD.

Q. Has enrollment doubled over the last 20 years?

A. No.

Q. Are we getting twice as much educational excellence now as we were 20 years ago?

A. Unlikely.

Q. Who is responsible for increasing the millage rate?

A. The WCASD school board.

Q. Does an increase in millage mean that taxes increase?

A. Yes. We will cover this in more detail next week.

Q. If millage doubles does that mean that taxes doubled?

A. No. We will cover this in more detail next week.

What other questions do you have about millage?

Send me an email with your questions and I'll include an answer in next week's post about what the increase in millage means in actual dollars.

*Millage for WCASD/Chester County is more than double what it is in WCASD/Delaware County.

Source for financial references can be found here.


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