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How many kids attend charter schools?!

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Thought of the day: the number of students in the WCASD who are homeschooled (249) and attend charter schools (577) together make up the population of Stetson Middle School.

Consider that:

  • Homeschool and charter school students are counted as part of the population of the WCASD, yet those students do not take up seats or receive instruction in the WCASD. This means smaller class sizes and guaranteed tax dollars for the district, because:

  • the district gets money from Harrisburg for EVERY student—even home schooled and charter school students!

  • The district keeps all the dollars that are allocated for homeschoolers;

  • And the district keeps a portion of the funding from Harrisburg and uses the balance of those funds to pay charter school tuition for those students who attend charter schools.

Typically, the argument against charter schools is that they cost the district too much money. But is that accurate? While the district does pay tuition to charter schools, the district also keeps a portion of the charter school dollars (allocated from Harrisburg). In addition, charter school enrollment (coupled with home school enrollment) prevents our current schools from being overcrowded, and this means that the district saves money by avoiding construction projects.

Tomorrow we’ll dive into the funding and discuss the actual costs.

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