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Academic Decline

Why are academics in decline? How did math competency decline by nearly 50 percent in just five years? What is going on?

  • Middle and high schools were hybrid (until March 2021) which disrupted learning and resulted in social isolation.

  • Physical distancing was enforced, making teaching and learning more difficult, and making socializing difficult.

  • Students were masked at school (until March 2022.) Another barrier to teaching/learning/socializing.

  • Rolling quarantines were in place (2020-21 school year) meaning that kids would routinely be quarantined for 5-10 days after a known Covid exposure, leading to extensive absences, and subsequent gaps in learning.

Academic Decline in WCASD

Academic Decline in PA

We have a lot to do--here in West Chester, and in Pennsylvania--to get students back on track and to make academics a priority again. Change begins by voting in 2023 to elect new faces to serve on our school board.

**The district just this week decided to reconsider whether or not to implement heterogenous grouping.


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