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Why Teachers Should Vote for Back to Basics Candidates

Back to Basics believes that our district's greatest asset is our teachers and we are behind you 100 percent! We also believe that our district administration and school board could do more to support teachers as you educate our children.

  • Do you feel that teaching is no longer an art, but a job where you need to stick to a script?

  • Are you afraid to voice your concerns to the board and admin for fear of retaliation?

  • Do you feel that teaching is no longer a sustainable, long term career for you because of burnout?

  • Are you supported by the administration when you bring discipline issues to their attention?

  • Are in-service trainings helpful or do you dread attending?

If the above questions resonate with you, then vote for our candidates by mail or in person on May 16.

When our candidates are elected to the school board, they will:

  • Provide support to the administration so that WCASD can begin to course-correct.

  • Promote an open-call, open-door policy where your concerns can be voiced without fear of recrimination.

  • Work to ensure that disciplinary measures are enforced by the administration in order to address bullying as well as disrespectful behavior towards teachers, staff, and bus drivers.

  • Press the district to provide in-service trainings that help teachers to address learning loss and gaps in educational outcomes.

  • Listen to your concerns and work with the administration to address teacher concerns.

If you believe that WCASD needs to change, please consider voting for our candidates by mail or in person on May 16!


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