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Use of Chat GPT, absenteeism, post-graduation plans among teens explored in new national poll.

Today's post explores results from a national survey, where 1 out of 5 teens say they missed 15 or more days of school last year.

According to EdChoice:

Fresh data shows a substantial number of students report being chronically absent from schools. Students want more mental health services and fewer days of in-person classes. These findings are just some of those explored in our most recent survey of American teens.

Check out the article and survey results here. (Article includes charts and graphs that can be viewed only by clicking on the article.)

Is the WCASD board looking at external trends and survey data? Or do they rely on in-house data only? How much do outside forces affect the day to day decision-making at WCASD?

We have questions and we will get answers once our candidates are elected to the board in November 2023.


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