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Union Endorsement = Politics in the Classroom

We previously covered what it means for the union to influence elections (including the WCASD school board race: all five of our opponents are endorsed by the union).

Today's post will cover the political priorities of the union.

If you are a union-endorsed candidate, that means you:

  • have accepted money from the teacher's union*;

  • align yourself with the ideologies of the teacher's union.

The PSEA and NEA are shifting their focus far beyond workplace collective-bargaining negotiations and even beyond involvement in partisan politics. They’re wading into bald-faced cultural activism and using the power they’ve amassed over public-education, and are actively injecting left-wing ideology into schools:

*Teacher's union refers collectively to the National Education Association (NEA), Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), and the West Chester Area Education Association (WCAEA).

Back to Basics candidates will never accept a union endorsement, nor will we accept union donations.

Vote via mail-in ballot, or vote in-person on Tuesday November 7th for the NON-UNION CANDIDATES: Nick Spangler & Robert Rafetto in Region 1, Amanda Greenberg & Peggy Schmitt in Region 2, and Alain Oliver in Region 3.

PS: If you're a teacher who is curious about leaving the union, you can find out more here, and you can find out how to resign from the union here. (Did you know that the NEA lost 9,800 members during fiscal year 2022-23?! Lots of teachers are leaving the union! See the bottom of this article.)

(Image below taken from PSEA-PACE email indicating union endorsements.)


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