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Tuesday Talk

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Thanks for tuning in on this terrific Tuesday! Each Tuesday we’ll be posting original content here on our blog, as well as on our social media accounts, and the content will either be a recap of the previous night’s school board meeting, OR (on non-board meeting weeks) we’ll be posting a trivia question/quiz.

And guess what???? THERE WILL BE PRIZES! (Disclosure: we are an organization that relies on donations, so the prizes will be infrequent and modest, but PRIZES nonetheless!) We are excited to help you learn more about our school community (through the trivia questions) while also supporting local businesses (through the prizes we award).

Some topics of interest that will be covered in tonight’s meeting are:

  • Page 8, the board approves a $2,550,000 payment due to being sued by a vendor. (We'll dig into finances in a future post, but for now just be aware of this expense.)

  • Starting on page 27, the district takes steps to further regulate homeschoolers. This is problematic because state law already provides guidelines and the district policy is written in such a way that it seeks to circumvent the law. We oppose any action by the district that seeks to marginalize homeschooling families. (In an upcoming post we will look at how much funding the district pockets annually due to homeschoolers. You won't want to miss this post!)

  • Take a look at the agenda and ask yourself, "How much of this agenda is about education?" (Spoiler alert: much of the agenda is related to public education as a business rather than an educational institution.)

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