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Spying & Censoring Parents

Last week we showed you that our school district administration has engaged in spying on parents via social media, multiple times.

This week we’re going to look at what happens when school districts are emboldened to move from spying to censoring.

Consider this example of how Pennsbury School District in Bucks County violated free speech by censoring residents during school board meetings. This case garnered national attention because the school board broke the law when they restricted public comments at school board meetings. This violates the First Amendment and the district ended up settling the case for $300,000.

The article notes:

“School boards across the country should take note. Rules for public comments must respect the First Amendment rights of speakers. If you are limiting which opinions may be shared, you’ll be held liable for violating First Amendment rights,”

said Alan Gura, vice president for litigation at the Institute for Free Speech, a Washington D.C. organization that focuses on First Amendment issues.

What do these news stories have to do with our school district here in West Chester? Stop by tomorrow to find out!

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