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Q&A with Nick Spangler, Region 1

Find out who Nick is and why he's running for school board.

Will you consider voting for Nick by mail or in person on May 16?

Q. Have you always lived in PA?

A. Yes, but my favorite vacation destination is the Outer Banks, and I've always wanted to visit the Greek Islands.

Q. Favorite restaurant in the Boro?

Q. Favorite restaurant outside the Boro?

Q. What is the most pressing issue facing our schools in 2023?

A. Low academic achievement.

Q. Why should people elect Back to Basics candidates?

A. We are concerned citizens who care about the developmental growth of our youth.

Q. Tell us about the moment you decided to run for school board? What were the reasons that held you back from making the decision and what was the reason you finally decided to run?

A. I was approached by a friend and encouraged to run based on my background education and interest in youth development. I wasn't sure if I should run because I am retired and my children have already gone through the WCASD system. However, my granddaughter is now a WCASD student, so I decided to pursue running as a candidate because I want to see improved educational outcomes for the next generation of learners.

Q. What sets you apart from the candidates you are running against?

A. I believe my opponents are more concerned about politics than focusing on youth development.

You can vote for Nick by mail or in person on May 16!


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