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Q&A with Amanda Greenberg, Region 2

As we get closer to Election Day, we thought you might want to get to know our candidates better. Will you consider voting for Amanda by mail or in person on May 16?

Q. Have you always lived in PA?

A. No. I was born and raised in Arizona. I earned a tennis scholarship to the University of Rhode Island but transferred to Arizona State University to be closer to family when my mom got really sick. My husband and I lived in Michigan while he was in law school. We moved to Philly in 2011 and then to the suburbs when our twins were born in 2016.

Q. Where is your favorite vacation destination, and where is some place that you've always wanted to visit?

A. I love to visit Israel and really hope to someday visit Croatia.

Q. Favorite restaurant in the Boro?

Q. Favorite restaurant outside the Boro?

A. Zahav (in Philly)

Q. What are the top three issues facing our schools in 2023?

A. The decline in academic performance, lack of transparency, and bullying/violence.

Q. Why should people elect Back to Basics candidates?

A. We come from diverse backgrounds with an array of life experiences and expertise that inform our drive and competence to support our community.

Q. Tell us about the moment you decided to run for school board? What were the reasons that held you back from making the decision and what was the reason you finally decided to run?

A. I decided to run when I experienced a huge lack of transparency from the board and administration. I was hesitant to run because I worry about backlash/targeting/bullying of my young, impressionable kids. The reason I finally decided to run is because the current board has been a disappointment to me and many other parents and our children deserve better. So, if not me then who?

Q. What sets you apart from the candidates you are running against?

A. I represent the largest minority group in the district… Hispanics. I’m also an educator with two masters degrees in education and mother of three school-aged children.

You can vote for Amanda by mail or in person on May 16!


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