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Purpose of Public Education in PA Jan 25

According to Pennsylvania Public Code (state law):

Public education prepares students for adult life by attending to their intellectual and developmental needs and challenging them to achieve at their highest level possible. In conjunction with families and other community institutions, public education prepares students to become self-directed, life-long learners and responsible, involved citizens.

How does the purpose of public education (as defined above) by Commonwealth of PA compare to the mission of WCASD and then district's Equity initiative?

As previously discussed, the Equity Mission is not tied to academic standards, while the mission of the WCASD is minimalist, although historically the mission was much broader.

Should our district be requiring more of students in an effort to fulfill what is required by law? Should our district broaden their mission? Should Diversity, Equity & Inclusion include academic outcomes or should it continue to focus on social justice? What are the consequences of our district taking the focus off academics (narrowing the mission and excluding academics from the Equity mission)? Stop back later this week to find out.


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