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Philadelphia School District's 5 Year Plan

What does this have to do with WCASD? Four of their five points mirror *Back to Basics pillars.

  • Improving safety and well-being* (our pillar: school safety)

  • Work with families and community* (our pillar: parents as partners)

  • Accelerate academic achievement* (our pillar: academic excellence)

  • Recruit and retain teachers

  • Cost-effective operations* (our pillar: fiscal accountability)

The Philadelphia School District intends to bring about change over the next 5 years. We think that 5 years is too long to wait! Here in West Chester, Back to Basics is working to bring about change THIS YEAR by electing 5 new members to the school board in November 2023.

If you reelect the sitting board members, you'll get more of the same.


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