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Our Vision

Yesterday we shared our mission statement with you, and today we are going to share our vision for Back to Basics West Chester.

(A quick recap in case you missed it: A mission statement is intended to be informative, answer fundamental questions about what our PAC does, and is a snapshot of the PAC TODAY. In contrast, a vision statement paints a bigger picture of what the PAC will grow into during the coming weeks, months, and years.)

The vision of Back-to-Basics West Chester is to bring balance back to the school board in the West Chester Area School District by electing board members who closely align with the ethnic and social demographics of our district, and who should also:

  • be parents of school age children;

  • represent a variety of political ideologies, ranging from conservative to liberal, with a majority of board members “in the middle”;

  • focus on academic excellence above all else.

Tune in tomorrow to learn about the pillars that support our mission here at Back to Basics West Chester.

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