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Meet the Back to Basics Candidates!

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Back to Basics is pleased to announce our candidates for the WCASD School Board for 2023! (Press release below.)

West Chester, Pennsylvania – Back to Basics West Chester, a political action committee formed to bring balance to the West Chester Area School Board in 2023, is pleased to announce the endorsement of the following candidates for School Director:

Back to Basics West Chester was founded by parents in the West Chester Area School District with the mission to refocus on academic excellence for every student through a more balanced school board. The PAC is committed to keeping politics and all political agendas out of the classroom.

The five endorsed candidates are committed to Back to Basics’ fundamental mission and pillars, including academic excellence, transparency, parents as partners, and fiscal accountability.

Back to Basics selected the five candidates based on their diverse backgrounds, commitment to serve the community, alignment with the platform, and their balanced views on how to best approach the myriad of issues facing the school district.


Susan Woron Beardsley
Susan Woron Beardsley
Oct 02, 2023

The platform doesn't really say anything. The buzzwords "back to basics" and "bring balance" to the School Board don't tell me anything. What is out of balance with our current School Board?

What exactly are you advocating to change in our current educational programs? Please be specific.

Susan Woron


May 11, 2023

Read this before you vote:


"Some are quick to assert that since women today can access education, start a career, and have financial freedom in such large numbers, we should unequivocally celebrate this new development. After all, why is it a problem that women are overtaking men academically? The problem is that in an economy where specialists and managers are valued above tradesman, men who do not gravitate towards a college education have fewer work opportunities where they might be reasonably compensated, and this bodes badly for women and their children. Future generations will suffer if men lose work opportunities and women forgo marriage in record numbers, resulting in a dearth…


Mar 21, 2023

Thank you SOOOO much.

How can we find out more about their backgrounds and "who is who?"

Happy to advise as desired - I was on the WCASB several years ago and pleased to share my experiences.

Also to donate $$$ and ask others to as well.

Maireen Snook

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