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Is your child competent in reading and math?

If your child is currently in 4th-9th grades, then you can check standardized test scores for your child's school here. Does your child's report card align with the test scores?

"It is no longer up for debate that our pandemic response completely wiped out decades of academic progress in reading and math. School closures played a major role in the collapse of student proficiency and, for the most part, schools that were closed the longest saw the largest drops in scores. Catholic schools saw no drops in achievement—Catholic schools were also much more likely to be open.

It is more important than ever for parents and caregivers to understand that the grades on their child’s school report card often misrepresent whether or not the student is reading or doing math on grade level. It is always a good idea to seek out more information since schools are often less than transparent with parents about how children are really doing."

~ Nicole Neily



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