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Insider Info on Bob & Nick

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

As the PAC Chair for Back to Basics, I have had the pleasure of getting to know our candidates over the last several months. What started out as a job (getting five new faces elected to the board) has turned into an adventure, and I can honestly say that I have made five new friends, all of whom I genuinely like as humans!

I have learned a lot about our candidates in recent months and thought it might be helpful for me to share the human side of who they are . . . to share things that you won't see on their resumes or bios.


First of all, it is hard to talk about Bob without also talking about Nick because they are running as a team. I have really enjoyed getting to know both of these men. They have warmly welcomed me into their friend group, inviting me to happy hour on a regular basis, and have made me feel like I fit right in. This is quite an accomplishment given that on paper we do not have much in common: they are both a decade older than I am, neither one has kids living at home, while I am a busy mom to five kids. Yet we never have a shortage of topics to discuss! Both are lovely human beings and I am excited for voters to get to know these men who are willing to devote time and energy to making our school district all that it can be.


When you meet Nick in person, the first thing you may notice about him is that he is CALM. Truly, he has a peaceful demeanor that comes from years of practicing reiki. Not gonna lie, when I first met him I was nervous because I know that reiki masters have the ability to read people's energy and I kept wondering what kind of vibe Nick was getting from me. After about 20 minutes of discussion, he confided to me that he had read my energy, and I had a positive energy (yay!) and that meant that he was willing to move forward and commit to running for the school board as a Back to Basics candidate! It was refreshing to have him be so frank with me about his intentions, and let me tell you, Nick continues to surprise me! He possesses a range of skills that are unlike an other: talented artist, skilled designer, deep thinker, snazzy dresser, kind hearted, funny, wise . . . Nick has a magnetic personality. Nick is a man of few words, but when he does speak: listen up because he is full of wise words. I have enjoyed learning from him and am looking forward to learning even more from him in the coming weeks and months as we hit the campaign trail together.


Bob is extraordinarily detail oriented, and is also incredibly committed to learning all that he can about our district and our school board. Bob has a voracious appetite for data, charts, and spreadsheets, and is usually at least five steps ahead of me (literally and figuratively) on the campaign trail. He is full of ideas, asks interesting questions (many of which I do not have answers for), and he is truly willing to go above and beyond what is required, and this is what will make him an excellent school board member. Bob thinks about obstacles as opportunities and I appreciate that he seeks unique solutions to the hurdles we have encountered as we've been on this campaign journey together.

Each of our candidates is uniquely equipped to serve our school board, and we invite you to reach out to the candidate(s) in your region to get to know them personally.


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