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Insider Info on Amanda & Peggy

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

As the PAC Chair for Back to Basics, I have had the pleasure of getting to know our candidates over the last several months. What started out as a job (getting five new faces elected to the board) has turned into an adventure, and I can honestly say that I have made five new friends, all of whom I genuinely like as humans!

I have learned a lot about our candidates in recent months and thought it might be helpful for me to share the human side of who they are . . . to share things that you won't see on their resumes or bios.


The first thing that you need to know about these women is that they are UNSTOPPABLE. Shortly after they submitted their petitions to run for school board we found out that a resident in Region 2 was taking them to court to have them thrown off the ballot. (This same resident happens to be managing the campaign of the opposition.) You learn a lot about someone when they are thrown into a stressful situation, and let me tell you, Peggy and Amanda were not fazed by this turn of events! They responded with poise, determination, and grit --which paid off because the resident withdrew the case against Amanda and the judge ruled in Peggy's favor, so both women have been able to remain on the ballot for school board, which means that you will be able to vote for them on May 16 if you live in Region 2!


Peggy is a dentist, not a lawyer and she had never been to court until March 17 when she had to defend herself in order to remain on the ballot. (Peggy is a Libertarian and the Libertarian party does not have lawyers to defend their candidates in court.) Peggy was AMAZING in court and her personality shined through, in her words and her actions. She has a calm, approachable demeanor. She is kind, in both word and deed. She asks questions to seek clarification. It's easy to find common ground with Peggy. (Maybe that's because she's a Libertarian?) She will make you laugh with her antics and you will be able to tell that she is a caring person when you hear her talk about her kids, her cats, and her plants. We all love Peggy and our team would not be the same without her!


Amanda is one of the busiest and most motivated women I have ever met. She is wise beyond her years and approaches situations with a tenacity that makes me glad that she's on my team because I would NOT want to be opposing her, she is fierce! When Amanda sets her mind to something, she works hard, following through with such a determination that you just KNOW that she is going to accomplish her goals. Amanda is a whirlwind of activity: taking care of her kids, adopting puppies, helping her kids with their academics, working, traveling, spending time with family, volunteering, running for school board, caring for others . . . these are things that Amanda does on a regular basis and when she slows down for long enough, you get to see just how kind and generous she is.

Each of our candidates is uniquely equipped to serve our school board, and we invite you to reach out to the candidate(s) in your region to get to know them personally.


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