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How much do WCASD administrators earn?

We've talked previously about how much teachers earn (also see here) and that admin salaries have increased by 22 percent over five years.

We've also looked at how to attract good principals, and discussed that principals are leaving their jobs at accelerating rates.

How much money do principals actually make? (See this document, page 15.)

Depending on level (elementary, middle, high) the range is $126,937 to $172,731. However, if you look here, here, and here (pages 8-9) you will see that with base salary + merit pay, the actual salary range is $124,260.01 for the lowest paid principals and tops out at $193,347.25 each for the Henderson and Rustin principals.

How does this compare with teacher salaries? The salary range for teachers in the 2022-23 school year (see page 40) was $53,223 to $106,652. (To earn over $100k, a teacher would need to have a PhD AND have 15+ years of teaching experience.)

A quick glance at all admin salaries (district office personnel, principals, supervisors, etc.) shows six individuals earning over $200k per year, with the highest salary topping out at $249,622.80.

According to GovSalaries, the WCASD average salary (average includes teacher + admin) is 65 percent higher than USA average and median salary is 62 percent higher than USA median.


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