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Enter to Win Twin Valley Coffee + Meeting Recap

Click or tap here to jump to a recap of last night's school board committee meetings.

Today’s trivia question focuses on the number of students enrolled in the WCASD.

QUESTION: Over the last five years (2018-19 school year, through the 2022-23 school year):

  • Which year had the highest enrollment?

  • How many students are/were enrolled in that year?

Please leave your guess in the comments. We’ll be choosing one winner whose guess most closely matches the correct answers. Winner will receive a $5 gift card to Twin Valley Coffee. Winner will be announced tomorrow, good luck! (Contest is open to US residents.)

If you're looking for a recap of last night's committee meetings, you can find the video here and you'll find details below.

  • Minute 10:20 a resident questions the district's equity plan and brings up some questions that the district has yet to answer.

  • Minute 11:18 a resident speaks on the Health & Safety Plan, asking for it to be replaced by the Communicable Disease Policy instead. She then goes on to ask why the $500,000 SEL materials (provided by Thom Stetcher) are not available for parents to view.

  • Minute 13:52 a resident takes issue with the district's statement that "Covid is in the rearview mirror" and makes a case for continued masking.

  • Minute 18:32 a commenter questions "gratitude" being one of the pillars of Equity and she makes an excellent point. (See below for more info on the Equity Pillars.)

  • 1 hour, 5 minutes: the presentation on Equity begins with the 4 pillars of belonging, care, community, and gratitude. It is noted that Equity started as a way to "close the achievement gap" but has "expanded to include many other groups". We would to know if the achievement gap has been closed? Where is the data to show that the current equity programing is closing or has closed the achievement gap?

  • 1 hour, 8 minutes: "... children who feel they are cared for are going to learn." Again, where is the data on this? We question how "feelings" can translate to learning/performance.

  • 1 hour, 43 minutes: Dr. Sokolowski talks about the Health & Safety Plan and at 1 hour, 50 minutes, board member Whomsley presses the district to adopt the Communicable Disease Policy in place of the Health & Safety Plan.

  • Hour 2:00 the mental health presentation begins. Note that the role of the district mental health specialists is to help kids who are working through suicide, violence, or a gender plan. We would like to point out that at last month's meeting, Dr. Sokolowski said that the district would provide a Gender Support Plan for students without alerting parents. We would like to know why "gender support" is classified under "mental health" but yet parents are not involved in this process?

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Laura Suzanne
Laura Suzanne
Nov 15, 2022




Amy Ficarra
Amy Ficarra
Nov 15, 2022

Highest Enrollment: 2018-2019 school year

Number enrolled: 12,985

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