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Committee Meetings Recap Jan 18

In case you missed it, here's a recap of last night's meetings:


  • Public comment asking for acronyms to be spelled out within each policy. Commenter also asked for clarification on homelessness.

  • Policy 217: Graduation Requirements are discussed, particularly as it relates to the policy regarding homelessness.


  • I was not able to watch nor attend these meetings due to spending the evening vetting candidates to run for school board on the Back to Basics platform.

  • If you attended or watched the committee meetings and would like to send me a recap, I'd be happy to repost it here.

  • If you'd like to run for school board, send me an email. Back to Basics will do the hard work for candidates who want to run. We will provide everything necessary: photographer, head shots, literature, yard signs. We will manage social media and all PR for candidates. We will schedule appearances and coordinate campaigning (mailers, literature drops, etc.) The only thing the candidates will need to do is show up for in person: events, door knocking, attending board meetings and making public comments. We will provide a timeline for what needs to be done and when and we will make sure that everything gets accomplished on time. And: we will foot the bill for this. It never has been, nor will be easier to run than it is now, because no other PAC is offering this level of service.


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