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Committee Meeting Tonight Mon Aug 14

There will be three committee meetings tonight at the Spellman Education Building, 782 Springdale Drive, Exton PA:

Some topics of interest that will be covered in tonight’s meeting are:

Presentation of the Spring Survey results

  • Satisfaction with WCASD is down across the board since the fall survey (which we reported on here), with middle school parents giving the worst scores. (To put it another way, dissatisfaction is UP.)

  • Only 75% of middle school parents feel that their child was having a good year (compared with 90% in the fall. See page 7.)

  • Back in the fall, 90% of middle school parents said their child was having a good year, but the spring survey reveals that only 75% of parents feel this way. (See page 5.)

  • On page 7 we see that only 60% of middle school parents believe that the school fosters a positive environment.

  • It's interesting to note that the survey does not reveal the number of people who answered each question.

  • The staff survey section is particularly interesting as high school teachers consistently give the district an F in almost every area. (See pages 9-12.)

  • Middle & High School students rank the district with scores of Ds and Cs.

Something is not right at WCASD and whatever measures have been taken to address these issues aren't working, because scores are worse than they were when the last survey was taken.

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