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Committee Meeting Tonight Jun 12

There will be two committee meetings tonight at the Spellman Education Building, 782 Springdale Drive, Exton PA:

Some topics of interest that will be covered in tonight’s meeting are:

Education Meeting

  • Health & Safety Plan. The district is proposing to change the current H&S Plan (created during Covid) and revert back to the Communicable Disease policy instead. This is good news (no more threat of rolling closures due to Covid). However, the policy (see page 10) is in violation of state law. The district requires parents who want to opt out of immunizations for their children to provide a statement of their religious beliefs. PA law does NOT require this. Thus this policy violates the law and should not be approved unless amended to be in accordance with the law. This is not the first time our board has voted to violate the law. Our former superintendent's contract violated the law.


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