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Bridge Builder: Robert Rafetto

Bob has long been a community leader and activist. Whether working to get restaurants safely reopened after lockdown, to being recognized Citizen of the Year in 2021, to working to train restaurant workers on the use of narcan, Bob is committed to working to make West Chester a better place to live and work.

Bob has already demonstrated his leadership ability as a future school board member of the WCASD by:

  • Reaching out to the WCASD facilities department to help them take advantage of Pennsylvania's CHECK (Cooking in Healthy Electrified Commercial Kitchens) Rebate Program. CHECK is an environmentally wise way to upgrade our school kitchens and will provides a rebate to WCASD that they were not aware of until Bob introduced them to the program.

  • Working to develop a one day Boot Camp program for students in 7th-12th grades. Students will get an introduction to the hospitality industry with a day full of fun and hands-on learning, including: baking & pastry session, lunch and etiquette class, and a hospitality career paths "Speed Exploration" session. Bob is bringing this program to all school districts (including WCASD) across Chester and Delaware counties.

  • As a WCASD graduate and former owner of the Dilworthtown Inn, Bob has participated in career day at both Rustin and East High Schools.

In addition to the above, Bob:

  • Has been addressing work force development issues for high school graduates in multiple school districts across Delaware and Chester counties.

  • Participates with several local Chambers of Commerce to understand both sides (employer and employee) of labor issues as they relate to the hospitality industry.

  • Is working with Delaware County Community College to advocate for their hospitality program.

  • Has been a guest speaker at the University of Delaware.

  • Has worked with local unions (electrical) in his capacity as a PRLA member.

Bob brings skills and talents to our school board that no other candidate can! His entrepreneurial spirit, business experience, and ability to work with a variety of people and organizations will provide our board and WCASD community with a commitment to community excellence, and a diversity of thought and action.


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