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Board Meeting Tonight Feb 27

There will be a school board meeting tonight at 7pm at the Spellman Education Building, 782 Springdale Drive, Exton PA.

Some topics of interest that will be covered in tonight’s meeting are:

  • Section B: the approval of 4 special education settlement agreements. The board will not discuss the details nor share the cost associated with these settlements. (Note that settlements like these occur multiple times throughout the year.) This is an example of why we need to see more transparency and more fiscal accountability from the board.

  • Section D: Multiple items related to the budget.

  • Section E: the approval of a number of policy changes.

  • Section X: Other Business. (See page 145 for details) There are multiple contract payments listed, including $500,000 for some type of mediation, as well as an agreement to pay the substitute Equity Director $700/day.

As you read through the agenda, ask yourself how many of the items are related to academics vs how many are related to public education as a business organization.


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