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Board Meeting Recap of Nov 28 Meeting

Here's a quick recap of last night's board meeting in case you missed it:

  • As with most board meetings, the public comments are eye opening.

  • At 1 hour, 20 minutes, a freshman from Rustin talks about how the school does not feel safe and there is a lack of emotional support for students. The student specifically calls out the Safe2Say app and said that students feel neglected when reporting incidents via the app because those reports are not taken seriously. The student stated that students are losing trust in the district and this translates to decreased learning. The student also noted that students of color and/or the LGBTQ+ suffer the most as a result. The student concludes by asking, "Why has nothing been done and what can I do to change that?"

  • At 1 hour, 28 minutes, 35 seconds, a parent makes a powerful plea for the board to change the way they are doing things in order to bring the community together. She notes the previous speaker's comment and asks how the district can be spending $280 million yet students are begging for protection.

  • Next up, at 1 hour, 31 minutes, 55 seconds, a high school student speaks against book banning and offers a solution, recommending that the district establishes a system that would allow parents to regulate which books their children have access to.

  • 1 hour, 35 minutes: Another Rustin student speaks about the climate and culture of the school, citing discrimination in hallways, noting that safe spaces are no longer safe, and specifically mentions a Nazi joining the GSA. Student noted the need for help and need fast action from the board. The student concludes with a statement/plea to combat hate through change.

  • The final public comment begins at 1 hour, 37 minutes and 30 seconds and is from another Rustin student. The student asks for gender neutral bathrooms on each floor of Rustin, noting that there are currently 14 gendered bathrooms at Rustin but only 2 gender neutral bathrooms. Again the term Nazi is mentioned as related to graffiti.

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