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Back to School: 6 Tips From Students on How to Make High School Relevant

Students at innovative high schools offer advice on how educators can make learning more engaging and relatable.

We've been talking about how test scores have declined, fewer students are taking SAT, and how anxiety amongst kids and teens is on the rise.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, rethinking how we (as a district, and as candidates running for school board) approach high school is a solid start towards re-engaging kids who are feeling disconnected.

A CDC analysis found that youth who felt connected to adults and peers at school were significantly less likely to report persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness than those who felt less connected.

XQ’s Student Advisory Council, which provides a space for students to work alongside XQ and other students to help improve the high school experience, offers six tips for how educators can improve relationships and learning.

1. Try Bonding Games

2. Show Your Students You Enjoy Helping Them

3. Create Educational Opportunities Outside of School

4. Make Learning Feel Meaningful

5. Teach Students to Network through Internships

6. Create Opportunities for Student Voice and Collaboration


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