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30% of WCASD 3rd Graders Read Below Grade Level

PSSA Scores for WCASD 3rd graders:

2023 = 30% reading below grade level (see page 2)

2022 = 27% reading below grade level

2021 = 22% reading below grade level

2019 = 22% reading below grade level

2015 = 19% reading below grade level

Why are so many children reading below grade level and what are some solutions to this problem?

  1. Elect Back to Basics candidates to the school board in November 2023. Our current board (4 incumbents) has failed to address academic decline during their tenure on the board.

  2. The district should consider focusing on the Science of Reading in an effort to address academic decline.

  3. Shifting to a mastery-based approach may help bridge the gap.

  4. Testing should focus on competency-based assessments.

  5. The state needs to prioritize literacy for children.

  6. WCASD Human Resources needs to focus on hiring teachers from colleges and universities that teach the science behind reading.

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Oct 29, 2023

They've gone from abominable to abysmal.

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