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Candidate for the West Chester Area School Board

Peggy Schmitt, Region 2

Peggy is a graduate of the Temple University School of Dentistry and has been practicing general dentistry in Delaware for the last 30+ years. She has repeatedly been voted Top Dentist by Delaware Today Magazine. Peggy is also a published author, with her work cited in multiple journals for dental professionals. View West Chester voting regions here.   

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Peggy feels compelled to run for this office because WCASD is in dire need of an overhaul! Academic scores are rapidly declining, transparency on multiple levels is clouded, parental oversight and input is obstructed, fiscal accountability is purposefully confusing, and the school environment is not conducive –and in some cases, not safe– for nurturing young learners. The current school board members are allowing this to happen seemingly without much discussion or pushback. As a Libertarian, Peggy will be an independent thinker, observer, and questioner of the status quo, and she is eager to take on that task!



Peggy holds the record for the most votes received by a Libertarian candidate in the state of Delaware! She ran for US Congress in 1992, and ran for the Delaware State House in 1996. Peggy is a mom to two high school-aged daughters, she is a novice beekeeper, and an active volunteer for cat rescue.  As a registered Libertarian, Peggy will bring a unique and much needed alternative perspective to the school board if elected. 

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