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Candidate for the West Chester Area School Board

Bob Rafetto, Region 1

Bob is an alumnus of both WCASD and the University of Delaware. Bob has extensive experience working with all levels of government during his decades of working in the restaurant industry. As small business owner for decades, Bob is highly entrepreneurial and fiscal accountability is one of his strengths. Additionally, he is well acquainted with long range planning and problem solving. Not only was Bob voted Chester County 2021 Citizen of the Year by the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry for his efforts to help the restaurant industry successfully navigate COVID era policies, the PA House and PA Senate also honored him with a citation for Citizen of the Year. View West Chester voting regions here.   

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Bob is currently retired from his day jobs but works tirelessly as a board member for the PA Restaurant & Lodging Association where he has recently been tasked with helping to create a program that would help high school and college students transition from school to full time employment in the restaurant industry. Bob has employed thousands of WCASD graduates over the years and firmly believes that K12 education is foundational to the success of Pennsylvania, and believes that it’s important for students to have multiple pathways available to them once they leave high school. 



Bob is tremendously passionate about West Chester and views his role as a future school board member as an excellent way to give back to our community. Not only does he possess the ability, but now that he is retired, Bob also has the time that is required to serve as a school board member. Bob and Nick have been friends for decades and have decided to run together as a team in Region 1. 


Bob has experience working with PA Senators and State Representatives in drafting bipartisan legislation, hosting round table discussions, and building relationships with state and county agencies as part of his work in, and continued commitment to the restaurant industry. Bob understands how state policies affect local governments and he has what it takes to work cooperatively to get the job done.  

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